*** STAY SAFE ***


Dear patients,

we are now ready to welcome you safely!

Everything has been meticulously prepared. In each space of the clinic, whether in the hallway, reception and the waiting room, the distance is respected and all security means have been put in place to ensure your protection and those of our team. Here are a few:

– In the waiting room, we only installed 2 chairs, 2m apart.

– A protective plexiglass panel is installed at the reception and the payment terminal is covered by a protective film disinfected after each use.

– All door handles and common objects are regularly disinfected according to the directives.

– Hand sanitizing gel is provided before your entry.

– As a precaution and for reasons of availability, please bring your mask and put it on before entering the clinic. Our team will wear their own, as well as the appropriate equipment during the treatments, namely: surgical gown, cap, no95 mask and visor.

– An air purifier with HEPA filter is installed in each treatments rooms. Fans were installed in the windows to circulate the clinic air with the outside air.

– During the pandemic period, the rooms are closed as requested by the MSSS, CNESST and ODQ commissions.

– A medical questionnaire must be completed before each appointment.

– The appointment schedule is very strict, in order to respect the rules of distance.

– Only people with appointments can enter the clinic, except for accompanying parents.


We will follow up weekly on the progress of the situation!

Thank you for respecting the instructions and thank you especially for your loyalty!

Dre Petronela Petrosel, DMD

Owner Dentist


As soon as you arrive at the clinic, you will have a form to fill out.

Click the button below to download the one in your situation :